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Our Blog Posts

Researchers Report Malware That Secretly Record Audio And Steal Logs

Security firm Lookout has detected a spyware family that has flooded Android app stores, including the official Google Play store with over 1,000 spyware apps. Dubbed SonicSpy, these spyware have the capability to monitor almost every action on an infected device. SonicSpy had been uncovered by researchers at Lookout after they found three versions of it, namely Soniac, Hulk Messenger and Troy Chat, live in the official Google Play app store, each disguised as a messaging service. Marketed as a messaging application, the…

Self-Driving Cars Can Be Hacked By Just Putting Stickers On Street Signs

Ever since self-driving cars became a hot topic of interest, methods of exploitation have inevitably crept in. There have been reports of vulnerabilities in the software. Demonstrations on possible ways of hijacking a car remotely and disabling certain features have also come to light. However, recent studies show a simple way to confound a self-driving car's algorithm. Small changes on a road sign can trigger misidentifying of signs and thus lead to accidents. A team of researchers from the University of Washington…

FBI Arrests Researcher Who Found a Kill-Switch to WannaCry Ransomware

Marcus Hutchins, the 22-year-old British security researcher who recently gained fame for discovering the kill switch that stopped the outbreak of the WannaCry ransomware, has been reportedly arrested in the United States. Marcus Hutchins operates under the alias MalwareTech on Twitter. His recent arrest has been a topic of much speculation, seeing that initially it was not clear why he was detained. Hutchins recently came into the spotlight when the WannaCry ransomware began hitting businesses, organisations and individuals…

Trickbot Malware Attacks Banks in U.S

The Trickbot Trojan has resurfaced, this time targeting banks and financial institutions. In a new spam campaign, fueled by the Necurs botnet, the malware is now expanding its webinject capabilities and using customized redirection measures to trick users. IBM X-Force and Flashpoint have actively researched the Trojan and published their findings. It seems that the campaign has been active for a few months now, with the latest attack observed recently. While Flashpoint focused on its effect on U.S., IBM studied the…