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Major Security Flaws on Popular Mobile Wallets

Despite the fact that there is an increase in usage of smartphones for almost everything, nowadays people are still skipping on some things. Like from checking your emails, texting, chatting, uploading content, making videos and taking images, and even handling payments, the smartphone has become the go-to driver for all of it. If we talk about payments, people are still skeptical about how this technology works, and they have a fear that these payment apps might fail. So, this can’t be denied; nothing is fool proof. Here…

Probably Everything You Need to Know About WannaCry Ransomware Organised Chronologically

A wave of global ransomware attack has been a major topic of much speculation over the last few days. The WannaCry ransomware wormed its way across Europe, into the UK, and the world wreaking havoc and shutting down clinics, payments, police forces and the like. Although the attack is far from being over, several types of research on decryption tools and quick fixes by Microsoft have slowed, and can possibly prevent, further spread. Overview of the Attack WannaCry is a ransomware computer worm that targets computers running…

5 Best Smart Home Devices that Curb Energy & Save Money

We’ve all heard the pitch about smart home devices: they save you time, make life easier, and can save you some money in the long run. Companies like Google and Amazon have already taken up making devices that can handle different errands and appliances in your house, while other companies are focusing on making automated security, fire, and sprinkler systems. But do these devices really save you money? The short answer is yes, they can save you money. I’ve got plenty of smart devices in my home, and my utility bills — among…

Google Docs phishing attack was foretold by researchers

Google users saw a well-disguised phishing attack earlier this week, in form of an email purporting to be a request to share a Google Docs document. The link redirects to a familiar OAuth request asking for access to the user’s credentials. If the user clicks on the prompt to give the site permission to use Google credentials, the phish harvests all the contacts in the victim's Gmail address book and sends them copies of the phishing mail. The attack uses the OAuth authentication interface, which is also used by many Web…