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5 Phases of Ethical Hacking or Penetration Testing

Phases of Ethical Hacking Ethical Hacking is a term used when the Ethical Hacker hacks or performs the test for the vulnerability or threat on the computer networks for the company or individual. The ethical hacker scans the target and identifies the threats on the network which they are used to avoid the attacks on the network by the Hackers(attackers). There are mainly five phases of ethical hacking which are followed during security testing and those are as follows: Reconnaissance Scanning Gaining Access…

4 Ways Big Businesses Can Protect Their Data

Just as big businesses are obligated to make their data available to their employees at all times in order to facilitate a more efficient and agile workflow, they are also required to keep their data safe from hacking, tampering, theft, and other forms of misuse. Otherwise, business owners risk not only costly downtime in their operations but also exposure to liabilities related to violations of data protection laws. With that said, here are some of the ways big businesses can protect their data. Invest in an ironclad…

How Medical Infusion Systems Help Save Lives

Whether they are utilized in the hospital or in the modern-day home care setting, there is no denying that medical infusion systems play a valuable role in saving people’s lives. Medical infusion systems constitute the use of infusion pumps, which, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mechanically deliver fluids, such as nutrients and medication—i.e. antibiotics, insulin, hormones, chemotherapy drugs, pain relievers, and the like—into a patient’s body in controlled amounts. The argument has already…

New Android malware stealing financial data from users in India

New Banking Android Malware The two new Android malware aka Banking Trojans have been detected in the form of notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, and banking apps as well by the IT security provider Quick Heal in India, the trojans overrides the administrative privileges through which it can steal the credit card data and other personal information of users. The Trojans detected are named as follows ‘Android.Maecher.C’ and ‘Android.Asacub.T’ from which the ‘Android.Maecher.C’, uses the Adobe Flash Player icon so that…

List of 7 Best Anti-Ransomware Tools to Protect You

7 Best Anti-Ransomware Tools In last few year Ransomware has emerged the biggest security threat to the cyber world. This brought us the need for a strong Antimalware software for our computers. Recent attacks of Ransomware have proved that we are not having sufficient tools to protect our systems from Ransomware. If you are having critically important data on your computer and you have never been a victim or Ransomware attack then you can feel lucky. In this article, we will discuss that what is a Ransomware and How it can…