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Windows 10 “Home Hub” to Make Cortana Rival Google Home

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Being a direct rival betwixt Amazon’s echo and Google home, which allows users to perform the various task just using their voice commands, another tech giant seems to have jumped into the race. A recent report by Window central claimed that Microsoft is working to develop a feature name Windows 10 “Home Hub” giving a tough competition to Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Sources speaking to Window Central confirmed that Microsoft is designing a Window 10 feature “Home Hub” that allow users to perform the various function on just their voice command. But not by introducing another hardware that takes on Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, Microsoft has decided to give this facility to Window 10 existing voice assistant “Cortana” by upgrading and making it smarter so that it can do the things that Google Home and Amazon’s echo does.

What is Windows 10 Home Hub?

Microsoft’s Home hub is just a software with all the existing benefits of Google home and Amazon’s echo with the added benefits. The goal of Microsoft is to make the PC’s to be used like any other home assistant like Google Home and Amazon’s echo through Cortana.

Microsoft intends to make Cortana smarter and more family focused. The groundwork was laid during the Microsoft’s Anniversary update. Home Hub is designed to run on Window 10 machines mainly. The Home Hub feature aims to improve the Shared experience significantly.

With Home hub a shared desktop can be unlocked without a password, providing access only to the family data like apps, document, bookmarks and calendar showing the public events that has been shared with family, the advantage is that user can authenticate themselves by Window hello to access their private or personalized data.

Another list of the plan includes making the Cortana family oriented, recognizing the family members by showing up the Cortana surrounded by the orange color rather than the blue color.

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In the above screen, you may have noticed an orange color surrounding rather than Blue color, this is how Family-centered Cortana is supposed to different from the individual computer’s Cortana and referred internally as “FamTana”. It is also reported that FamTana will able to stream music from third party services in future.

Yet the most exciting feature Microsoft is working on, under Home Hub is the “smart home” connected to Window and designing a “Connected Home” app for controlling all the smart home products and appliances using a single app.

The Connected Home app work with smart home devices that support OFC and OpenT2T protocols, which means it supports most of the smart devices available in the market.

Reports also unveiled that the app will also able to detect the new smart device in their ecosystem and prompt to ask users that whether they want to control it via Connected Home app.

All the feature increase the excitement level but any of the features are not yet officially announced. Cortana is a familiar name among Microsoft users but whether it is at par with Google Home or Amazon Echo is something to be decided later.

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