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Windows 10 “Creator’s Update” will be coming for free this spring

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Microsoft, since the August release of Anniversary update, has released a number of Windows build to the members of its insider program, that so far doesn’t contain substantial new features. At NYC event, the company revealed a lot of details about the new release, dubbed the Windows 10 “Creators Update”. That will focus on key areas like 3D, Virtual Reality, and game particularly.

Windows 10 Creators Update

The goal of Microsoft is to make 3D simple, approachable and user-friendly. “3D” is the most exciting feature in Creators Update. Microsoft demonstrated how simple it is to allow users to capture real world object using their mobile phones. On stage the Microsoft presenter “Meghan Saunders” showed off the new “Capture 3D” tool that can capture a real world object using Smartphone, capturing it in full 3D. Have a look at the wonderful 3D.

An update to Microsoft’s venerable pack-in Paint application was also introduced, as the “Paint 3D”. You can quickly capture a real world object and then manipulate it. There is also a Community panel that allows you to import the creations of other users. According to a report, Microsoft showed off the ability to export creations from Minecraft into an online studio at Remix3D, where they can be modified in Paint 3D or printed on a 3D printer. The creations can easily share on Facebook and printed by 3D printers.

Windows 10 Creators Update

Not just limiting to Paint 3D, the 3D object can also be imported in Microsoft office from the Community panel, allowing used to add the 3D objects in their presentation and document.

It’s not just over here, anther report also unveiled that Microsoft announced their intention to make the augmented reality more accessible in future with the help of the upcoming headset from the manufacturers like HP, Dell, and Lenovo in future. Microsoft’s Taj Reid also showed off the augmented reality integration with the Edge browser on stage and demonstrated a 3D “holo tour” of Rome within the headset.

For gamers, Microsoft launched a feature for Window 10 that allows the unification between PC and Xbox, you can broadcast your Xbox game just by hitting the window button with “G” for the broadcast. And with Xbox, live it allows your friends to comment in real-time.

Making the Window more prioritizing “people” in the Creator’s Update. Microsoft Windows specialist Allison O’Mahoney explained how Microsoft is planning to make the sharing simple for the important contact. Rather finding a share link within the application, the important contact gains a spot on the taskbar and you can simply drag document for sharing immediately.

The Creators update have lots more feature in the upcoming update and available for all Window 10 users for free in spring 2017. But people participating for Window insider program will able to try it as early as next week.

Let us know in the comments below what do you think of the latest updates by Microsoft. We believe that Microsofts gonna ace it in the new year.


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