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What’s A SIEM?

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As a security professional, protecting your company’s assets from Cyber-attacks is a never ending complex task. It is crucial that you have visibility across your entire environment. It’s like having a house alarm, there is no point having some rooms with motion sensors and others without it.

All systems have the ability to let out an event or alert that something is going on but is there anyone listening to these cries for help. When you picture your environment, with internal and external servers, workstations, network appliances, printers, SCADA and other equipment they all produce events and alerts, but is anyone looking. On top of this all your applications are sending out alerts, including Web Servers, Active Directory, applications, Anti-Virus, Endpoint protection.

By using a Security Information & Events Management system (SIEM) we can capture all of these events and cries for help, separate the “Cry wolfs” from the real threats and alert the operator that an attack maybe underway. Security operators can be alerted via a Dashboard, SMS, SLACK channel or email for any suspect activity for investigation. Whether it is an administrator creating a privileged account or alerted when an executive is using email from a destination that is different from their current location. The rules and alerts to suit your business are limitless.

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