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What is Google Home, How does it work, & when you can buy it.

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After the announcement of Amazon-Echo, a speaker equipped with a Siri-like personal assistant feature. Google introduced “Google Home” a Wi-Fi enabled speaker, at Google I/O Event 2016 held in San Francisco. At a Made by Google event, they announced when you can own your google home, so here’s all about the “Google Home” you want to know about including What is Google Home, How does it work, and When you can buy it.

What is Google Home?

Google Home is a Wi-Fi enabled speaker that works as an assistant to the whole family. According to google, you can play and stream music, set your alarm, controls smart objects and answer queries that you generally look on search engine by using the Google’s seventeen-year search experience. Watch the following Video demo.

Talking about the hardware of Google Home, It is a cylindrical shape speaker having a height less than 6-inches and 4-inches around. Having a capacitive touch display with four LED’s helping to adjust the volume by the Touch. And also two mic’s on the top which is always listening, but if you want to mute them from listening there is a mute button present on the side.

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Google Home come up with interchangeable metal and fabric bases in six color that is Copper, Carbon, Mango, Marine, Snow and violet allowing it to match your decor.

How does Google Home works?

Google home is always listening and get actuated when you say “OK Google”. A report from gadgets360 unveiled that Google says home is smart enough to filter the noise and actual voice with the help of “sophisticated natural language processing.”

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As the Google Home is Wi-Fi enabled speaker, you can stream music from different clouds like YouTube music and streaming services like Spotify, Pandora etc. You can also send music from your IOS and android device through Google Cast support.

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Google Home helps to control the operation on the voice command as it has access to Google Assistant. You just do your basic command like setting an alarm, manage to-do list and many more by just your power of speech. You can also control the Smart Home devices like Google own Nest product’s Next, Philips Hue, Samsung Smart-Things and IFTTT using just the voice.

A report from Pocket-lint stated that Google is working to control things under the sky like booking a cab, ordering the food, and sending flowers just using a voice command. Soon you might be able to book an Uber with Google Home. Google plans to open Home to developers and will release Assistant SDK in the coming month. This means that more developers will jump right into it and build more awesome stuff.  

How much will Google Home cost?

Google Home is available for pre-order from Best Buy, Target, and Walmart in the US for $129. And available in market from Nov. 4. It is heading soon in the UK market. While the device is heading to the UK “soon”, there is no word so far on when it will be released in India.

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