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What is Cloud Computing?

Every mobile or computer user hear the word “Cloud Computing” at least once in their life. What is Cloud Computing? Are there any computers present in the clouds? Just read through and you will understand the concept of Cloud Computing. Today we will discuss Cloud Computing, it’s advantages and other aspects.

What is Cloud Computing?

As suggested earlier, computers are not present in cloud literally but just a concept. As cloud itself possess water molecules, similarly the Cloud Computing possess various computing services within an imaginary cloud of computers. We can easily access these services at any time and use almost any digital device or computers, that is connected to a network of this Cloud Cluster. These days when life is moving so fast, it is recommended that the work flow becomes easy and secure. That becomes possible due to cloud.

Some of the user just take the cloud as a storage service, where you can store data and can download and access it from any corner of earth but cloud is much more than a storage. It is a complete service package, you can store the data on a cloud but you can also host your services, run a different application like Document editing, presentation development and much more if you are connected to the internet.

Advantage of Cloud Computing

You must thinking that all the above function can performed easily on a simple computer than why we adopt the cloud computing. Here is some advantages that make the Cloud Computing useful and reliable

  • It is secured and safe.
  • Easy to use and widely used
  • less costly if compared with the other servers and host
  • Reliable and flexible.
  • You can use application without installing.

and much more.

Examples of Cloud Computing

The most commonly used cloud application is cloud storage like Google drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. These day many applications are hosted on clouds like the Microsoft Office Online, the Adobe products. Many of the enterprise softwares or the application is hosted on cloud so that can be accessed from any point. Different app and software stores data on a cloud. e.g. Google Photo’s

So this is a very simple introduction to Cloud Computing. We shall discuss more this topic in a different post.

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