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What is ASP.NET or Active Server Pages(ASP)?

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Active Server Pages(ASP) is the perfect platform for creating the high-end applications. It was created by Microsoft for the creation of the feature-rich web applications. Moreover, it stands tall among the server side scripting technologies, where Windows web server is utilized for creating ASP.NET web applications. It is not just a scripting language but makes use of dot NET languages like VB, C#, and J#.

Furthermore, it has been curated and nurtured by Microsoft as a futuristic platform – a meticulous roadmap followed by many in the same ecosystem. This is a platform that has come of age and is clearly the most favored choice for the developers – not without reasons.

It poses as one of the best choices for ASP.NET Enterprise Application Development Projects, because of its ability to get integrated with the likes of Azure. It is Visual Studio that enables the developers to create the most compelling of the ASP.NET applications.

Presently, there are many web development companies and the developers who have opted for the ASP.NET platform for developing enterprise-grade applications.

Microsoft has revamped the existing ASP.NET framework and has released the more advanced ASP.NET core MVC. The new framework has outstanding features and allows to develop stunning applications – that comes with greater flexibility.

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