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VR-heavy Windows 10 Creators Update adds WebVR to Edge

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Earlier this month, Microsoft released the Windows 10 build 15002 for Windows Insiders. The update packs noticeable changes, with Edge and Settings being the center of major improvements.

Edge, now sports attractive features like a Tab Preview Bar, Jump List and Flash Click-To-Run. Web payments are a lot easier with the new API support. Focusing mostly on a more clean user interface and easier access, Edge will also received a VR boost, according to the latest announcement.

VR, a rage in today’s software world, is a significant focus of the Creators Update. Microsoft aims to offer users truly unique immersive experiences by stepping up to 3D. Back in September, Microsoft announced their intention of developing WebVR that would ship to the Creators Update.

The WebVR API, originally developed by Mozilla, exposes information about head mounted displays to Web content. This enables 3D applications in WebGL to support the immersive experiences, similar to that found on the desktop.

Moreover, Microsoft aims to enhance its 2D content with the addition of Books. The browser is designed with tools built specifically to improve the reading experience on Windows 10 devices. New features enable users to customize font sizes, layouts, themes, navigation control, Cortana integration and more. Hence, with a more wholesome reading experience, Microsoft intends to step towards empowering entrepreneurs, students, creators, educators and others to learn.

Another major implementation is the Payment Request API for Microsoft Edge, which will work with Microsoft Wallet on Windows 10 PCs. It offers quicker checkout and secure Microsoft Wallet payment, making online shopping a breeze.

The Creators Update also promises to improve Edge’s extension support. With an addition of 30 percent more API calls, including access to favorites, it ensures secure communication channels with installed applications, and data roaming between PCs. This is a step to increase Edge’s extension compatibility with Chrome and Firefox. With the visual enhancement and clean UI, Edge might now step in the ring against its contemporaries.

All of these changes will tentatively roll out with the Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft hasn’t officially revealed a release date for the Creators Update, but it’s widely expected to be made available to all existing Windows 10 PCs in April.


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