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Top 9 Best Desktop Email Client Software for Windows

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Emails can certainly be considered to contain a majority of the important information about any individual. Emails pertaining to office works contain crucial data related to work, while personal emails are equally important as they reach out to the individual himself. It at times becomes quite messy to work around with all the email accounts that you have for work, personal emails and the other ones if you are a blogger or own a small business or any nature whatsoever. This is the very reason why using an email client is not only easy to handle things but are pretty efficient as well. Let us take a look at the top 9 best desktop email client software for windows operating system.

1. Mailbird

MailBird is potentially the most straightforward email client to use for Windows while supporting numerous email accounts. It additionally underpins basic console easy routes, has a broad mark and envelope seek to highlight and backings HTML messages. MailBird isn’t just an email app – it’s a different communication platform and you can add apps for task scheduling, chatting, file syncing and teamworking. “To know more about Mailbird, here’s a comprehensive review from Time Doctor.

best desktop email client software for windows
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2. Inky

Inky emerges in view of its much cleaner UI and UX, it looks great. It additionally has portable client service and it can match up every one of your settings between them over the cloud. Setting up your different types of email ids is straightforward and you don’t need to work around with settings. Quoting from the original site, “The Inky team, composed of veteran systems engineers and skilled programmers, has built Inky from the ground up to be the most secure and robust email and collaboration platform on the market. Inky’s mascot, the octopus, is nature’s multitasker.” All emails sent via Inky are encrypted and digitally signed hence you can stay assured that you will have a peace of mind about the mail security.

best desktop email client software for windows
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You can download them from here:

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