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Top 5 Types of Applications Effective for Sales People

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It takes a lot of courage and skills to be a Salesperson. Every day means countless meetings or transactions in and out of the company. Such hectic work will not be effective without the right productivity apps for Salespeople.

Sales people before have Pens, papers, and planners as tools to help them to be effective at work. These tools might have helped people during those years, but in today’s technological advancements, pens, papers, and planners are not that effective anymore. Why? Because, by today’s standards, checking your hard copies or paper notes is a waste of time. Various productivity applications now exist to help increase the productivity and efficiency of busy people, like Salespersons, by just one click.

Among all the advanced productivity tools, here are the top five application types that a Salesperson should get:

  1. Get a Schedule Tracker application. Almost eighty percent of a Sales person’s job is made up of meetings with the bosses and meetups with the clients. With that, you certainly should download an application that would keep track of the schedules of your meetings and meetups. It also should not only keep track of your schedule. It should also remind you about it.
  2. Get a Note Taker application. Pens and papers are no longer useful tools in a meeting. It is very efficient just to bring your phone or tablet in a meeting and take notes from there. Moreover, most Note Taker applications will enable users to archive and categorize notes. Some even allow users to additional details to it like the schedule of the meeting of the notes taken. How cool is that?
  3. Get a Map! The coolest thing about digital maps nowadays is that they allow users to save notes or pictures about events that had happened on a specific. It is very useful for Sale people because it is not easy to remember many client details and meeting place. If you would have a map application, checking out your customer and location details will just be few clicks away!
  4. Get a To-do list application. Psychology has proved that a person who maintains or create a To-do list at the beginning of his or her day, is more productive than those who don’t. With that, retire from using sticky notes for making your To-do list. Using To-do list applications are more efficient than using your sticky notes because these apps usually notify the users about the entries inputted to it. Moreover, it allows categorization and report generation of these tasks.
  5. Get a document scanner application. In meetings or transactions, paper works will never be absent and creating a digital copy of these documents is such a hassle. The presence of these scanner applications today is such a blessing to companies. How does this thing work? Get the paper and capture a photo of it using the device. The app then scans the captured picture, and you will have an instant soft copy of the document! How convenient is that?

All application stores online offer many applications that fall under the categories or types above. There are free apps, but they are usually not as reliable as the paid ones. Some applications also have a free version and a paid version. As per people’s reviews, the free ones are not so bad. Thus, it is better for you to get the free ones because, usually, paid ones are a little expensive and the fees are required monthly.

For beginners, it is wise to research first top applications available in app stores. Search for the free ones, and the paid ones then, compare. It is best to stick to your applications as much as possible because it would be a hassle to migrate all your data from one application to the other. With that, it is a must to look for the best app first, then stick to it.

A significant number of people, especially the older ones, are still not open into using productivity applications at work. They are still reliant on the pen and paper system. Perhaps it is effective for them, but, take the leap and be part of the advanced world that we have today.

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