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Adobe’s Intelligent Photoshop for Audio is Truly Terrifying

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You must have heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and have had got excited even if to a bare minimum, if not interested to a great extent, but the things that a solid AI claims that it can do must be bewildering to you and many others. Now, what if I tell to you that the interference of AI is coming to music as well? Well, I call it interference because there is no way by which an intelligent music editing system can produce music that touches the heart. If you have another term in your mind tell us in the comments below. Nevertheless, moving back to the point! Adobe recently debuted this at an event named “Adobe MAX 2016 Sneak Peeks”.

According to the reports, the audio editing software that Adobe is working on is effective enough to detect verbal errors and also correct it. Just imagine a word said wrong, the software will be able to detect it and fix it by probably replacing the word. The eerie thing about all this detection and fixing is the fact that the fix will probably come in your voice that you never actually spoke.

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