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Must watch cyber security predictions for 2018

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Like any other business online business also need security from hackers and malicious activities. To safeguard the online rights and of the website, there’s a dedicated cell termed as cybersecurity section or a department that takes care of the security of the websites. You must be thinking why is this necessary? This is because of the continual digital transformation of our daily lives that entails the ongoing digital transformation of crime, damage, and warfare. All this leads to serious harm to the reputation of the website. To avert these, there are certain cyber security tips and methods which could help with the old vulnerabilities and some are completely new tips for 2018 that will prevent many types of cyber attacks, and be hacking.

Going back to 2017 we saw 2017 a year that had some major cyber-attacks and we all assume that 2018 is going to be equally scorching. For instance, last year there was the monster Equifax data breach, which offered one year of free identity for all those whose information was stolen but is going to expire towards the end of 2018. Fraudsters are very intelligent and are more than aware of any other person online. This gives an indication towards the use of SSL and HTTPS on the website. Try getting cheap SSL certificate for your main domain or subdomains and get full protection from fraudsters and this will continue in 2018 as well. Here you go with the 9 cyber security tips/predictions for 2018.


That regulation is called – GDPR, which has come into force on May 25, 2018. It was not a surprise on the minds of cybersecurity, as it this featured in the vendor predictions. The MD – Colin Tankard of Digital Pathways predicted the shortage of staff will impact GDPR adoption but by the end of the year, only 10% of companies will be ready for GDPR. Both the trends, the Trend Micro and the FireEye believed that the attackers will run a digital extortion campaign and will rigorously use the ransomware to threaten the non-GDPR compliant companies. Regulators will also not run the audit for GDPR compliance, thus the companies are vulnerable to fines only if there is a breach. Even if a company experiences a breach the regulators will probably treat it moderately this is when the company can document good-faith and efforts to comply. The companies also don’t take GDPR seriously they will experience an event which will trigger an investigation by all the regulators with a heavy fine.

WatchGuard Technologies

This will be trending in 2018 and we give it a great prediction again! In fact, the online videos and infographics will be Google’s favorite in 2018. The list of the predictions in these sections is very solid, read below:

  • Cryptocurrency Crash may occur
  • Wi-Fi Hacking is likely to destroy the image
  • There will be an increased adoption of corporate cyber insurance
  • IoT Botnets will force new regulations
  • Linux attacks will double its frequency
  • Multi-factor Authentication will be a must
  • Hack Election Machines will be used

Breaches will get worse

2017 has seen a lot of instances of a data breach like Uber, Equifax and many others. One of the senior threat research analysts at Webroot – Tyler Moffitt, predicted that at least three separate breaches of around 100 million accounts, took place wherein, coming times we will see massive cloud data breaches. Other than these politically motivated and spying cyber-attacks in contradiction to critical infrastructure industry will also continue to increase. As a result, these data breaches can have severe human loss as well. These unfortunate beaches lead us to work hard on the cybersecurity and we all shall act now. 2018 will see some of the intense paradigms in order to protect the data of the companies with new security rules.


This method offers detailed cyberthreat forecasts in almost all the major sectors. Moreover, it includes financial protection too. To see an example read below:

  • Cryptocurrency — it is recent trends in the world of cybercriminal
  • The speed by which we are growing is also a prospective danger
  • Doing fraud in the name of service is also a damage
  • Some other predictions are related to auto, health connections, industrial security and cryptocurrencies

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is very nicely quoted and put on the same shelf as the ‘magic and witchcraft’. It is also said as the era of AI and machine learning. So in 2018 too, it has been predicted to a challenge in cybersecurity. There were different perspectives given in this technology depending on the companies and theories. For example – Splunk said that companies will spend more on the analytics technology to make the right use of the smart device-generated data. On the other hand, FireEye thought that the security industry will see more, machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation which will be used to combat cyber-attacks. This technology will overtly overpromise to eliminate or radically reduce the need for experienced and skilled cybersecurity staff.

Increase in Mobile Threats

Today majority of people are on phones thus this prediction will not be complete without mobile threats. This threat is from the device which you carry all the time while you work or otherwise. Christopher Cain, who is the associate malware removal engineer at Webroot, predicted that we will first see the major malware infection in the Android App Store. On the other hand, Klonowski assumed that we will see the first and a widespread worming mobile phone ransomware, that would probably be spread via SMS/MMS.

Biometric Adoption

The biometric technology has been adopted for a long time and has increased over the time. With the introduction of fingerprint metrics there has a lot of companies that have implemented this security protocol and now it is slowly changing to facial recognition and authentication on mobile devices. These advances will lead to the two-factor authentication as well. For example, researchers have predicted that we will see growth in biometric services, and as a result devices with the usernames and passwords will become the first choice for authentication in 2018.


It is no surprise to anyone that ransomware is the most talked about topic of 2017 and it is highly predicted to be a cyber-threat in 2018 too. It is being predicted that the attackers will run a digital extortion campaign and use ransomware to threaten the non-GDPR compliant companies.

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White Hat Security

We saw a lot last year and research analyst – Ryan O’Leary said that “Nothing will change” and the companies will continue to get breached because they are simply vulnerable.” Unfortunately, it is going to happen in 2018 as well. To prevent this many companies will start adopting the DevSecOps process and will try to bring these three elements together – Development, Security and Operations.

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