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Microsoft shares Telemetry data with Third Parties

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If any software or an operating system says that they do not collect any personal information of the user (PII), think twice. In most of the cases, user data usage and interaction behavior is often captured by the manufacturers, mainly for the purpose of improving their software’s user experience (At least this is what they say). Well, Windows 10 is no different. It is not a secret that Windows 10 captures a lot of information from the user’s system and stores it. In the name of improving UX your privacy might have been compromised.

It is no wonder that Windows is the most used Operating System in the world, accounting for its friendly UI and user-friendly nature. But good things don’t come without a price. Do they? What if I tell you that in exchange for your “User-Friendly” OS you’re giving up on your Privacy. Does that sound like a great deal to you?.

Microsoft collects a lot of telemetry data from the user’s system which includes the names of the applications installed by the user, the applications uninstalled by the user, the instances of crashes and various other system logs. The reports have it that Microsoft Corporation has recently entered into a collaboration with a security firm FireEye, which allows the security firm to access the data collected from the user’s system via Windows 10 operating system. The data is shared with the third party in exchange for the services of a more powerful security tool than Windows Defender; FireEye’s iSIGHT. iSIGHT is a part of the advanced version of Windows Defender and allows enterprises to detect, work around and investigate the innumerable threats that are there in the Internet media.

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