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List of Best Steganography Tools

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As defined by Wikipedia, Steganography is the practice of concealing messages or information within other non-secret text or data. Steganography is not new to this world and it’s a practice that has been carried out since ages. Steganography takes cryptography a step further by hiding an encrypted message or ciphertext in such a way so that none can suspect it even exists. Ideally, anyone scanning your data will fail to know it contains encrypted data. In this post, we have shared the list of best steganography tools for image, audio and network steganography.

Image Steganography Tools

  • F5 is a steganography algorithm for hiding information in JPEG images. Westfeld A. F5ea steganographic algorithm (high capacity despite better steganalysis). In: Moskowitz I, editor. Information hiding. vol. 2137 of lecture notes in Computer Science. Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer; 2001. p. 289e302.
  • JPHIDE and JPSEEK are programs which allow you to hide a file in a jpeg visual image.
  • Jsteg is an open steganography software on Internet. It uses the LSB of DCT coefficients to hide secret information.
  • Mr. Hide is a steganography tool for hiding information inside images.
  • OpenPuff is a professional steganography tool, with unique features you won’t find among any other free or commercial software. OpenPuff is 100% free and suitable for highly sensitive data covert transmission.
  • OpenStego is an open-source software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2.0.
  • Perturbed Quantization: the sender hides data while processing the cover object with an information-reducing operation that involves quantization, such as lossy compression, downsampling, or A/D conversion.
  • Steghide is a steganography program that is able to hide data in various kinds of image- and audio-files. The color-respectively sample frequencies are not changed thus making the embedding resistant against first-order statistical tests.
  • Steghide Online: Web page for Steganography using Steghide.
  • StegoBlue (Project Taken Down): LSB Steganography on Bitmaps in Python.

Audio Steganography Tools

  • MP3Stego will hide information in MP3 files during the compression process. The data is first compressed, encrypted and then hidden in the MP3 bit stream.

Network Steganography Tools

  • SteganRTP is a steganography tool which establishes a full-duplex steganographic data transfer protocol utilizing Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP) packet payloads as the cover medium. The tool provides interactive chat, file transfer, and remote shell access.
  • HCovert is a steganographic communications tool used to create a covert channel using an HTTP GET request to convey its message to a web server and web server log parsing to retrieve the message. This tool will both send as well as receive messages.
  • Netcross is a tunneling software particularly useful in restricted (read firewalled) network environments, which is able to establish IP tunnels exploiting Domain Name Resolution requests/responses.
  • Cctt, “Covert Channel Tunneling Tool” – is a tool presenting several exploitation techniques allowing the creation of arbitrary data transfer channels in the data streams authorized by a network access control system.
  • Cooking channels – is a set of two python scripts (CGI and client) allowing to build a communication channel over HTTP cookies.

So we have brought to you the best steganography tools available on the web. We will keep the list updated and in the meantime, if you find that we miss something please let us know in the comments below and we will update the post.

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