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Intriguing Career Opportunities in Data Science for Freshers

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Career Opportunities in Data Science

Data science is the new frontier of the 21st century right now. A lot of major companies have realized the progressive future of analytics and have begun to create teams to prepare themselves for the data science revolution. To get better acquainted with data science, you can check out various data science courses.

What does a Data Scientist do?

Data Science is a combination of business understanding, statistics, mathematics, communication skills, and programming. Therefore, one is expected to understand the business problem, build a hypothesis, recognizes the kind of data required, perform data cleaning and preliminary data analysis, builds statistical models to give solution and efficiently communicate the insights to the client. Thus, the job of a data scientist comprises various functions.

Types of Business & Data Analysis Jobs

For a fresher, engineering or maths/statistics graduates the focus is more on analytical problem solving and exposure to some programming language. Data analysis jobs and responsibilities require diverse skills. Here are some data science positions along with the skill set and technical knowledge needed to succeed in the field.

  1. The Data Analyst

If you’re looking for a data analytics job, then you must know languages like Python, C, R, SQL, Excel, and more. The talents and skills needed for this role are diverse and encompass the entire spectrum of the data science process. Companies like IBM, HP, and others have a huge pool of data analyst jobs and are looking for skilled analysts to do these jobs.

Data Analyst Salary: Average: $62,379

  1. The Business Analyst

The work of a business analyst is not technically oriented. A business analyst must have a deep understanding of the complex business functions to be successful in their field. A business analyst needs to study the skill of linking actionable business insights to data insights and should be able to use storytelling methods to spread the information across the entire company. If you have a good understanding of business and technology then this is the perfect job for you. Companies with the need for business analysts are diverse and active in very different industries. Organizations that have major business analyst positions are Dell, Oracle, and Uber.

Business Analyst Salary: Average: $65,991

  1. The Data Scientist

As a data scientist, you get to master a whole new range of skills and talents going from being able to handle the raw data, analyze that data with the help of statistical techniques to sharing the insights with the organization in a compelling way. The data scientist jobs are highly in demand in companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Data Scientist Salary: Average: $118,709

  1. Data and Analytics Manager

Data and Analytics Manager is basically the driver of the team. They give direction to the data science team and make sure the correct decisions are implemented. The person combines strong technical skills in a varied set of technologies like R, SAS, Excel, SQL, and Python with the leadership and social skills needed to manage a team. Companies like Slack, Motorola, and Coursera offer this type of job role.

Data and Analytics Manager Salary: Average $104,749

  1. The Data Architect

The value of data architect jobs is also growing with the increase of big data. The person in this position designs the blueprints for data management systems to integrate, centralize, maintain, and protect the data sources. The combination of database designer and data analyst make up the function of a data architect. They integrate information from various independent data sources to further find suitable data.

Data Architect Salary: Average: $100,118

  1. The Data Engineer

A person going for data engineer job role usually has a background in software engineering and likes to handle large-scale processing systems and databases. The data engineers can efficiently master technologies and are hence familiar with a diverse set of languages that span both statistical programming languages and languages determined more towards web development.

Data Engineer Salary: Average: $95,936

  1. The Statistician

The job of a statistician is to interpret the data science field for getting useful insights from data. Having a logical and stats oriented mindset, and a strong background in statistical methodologies, and theories, a statistician harvests the data and turns it into knowledge and information. The quantitative knowledge benefits the modern statisticians to instantly master new technologies and use these to heighten their intellectual capabilities. You can entirely modify the business with your quantitative knowledge.

Statistician Salary: Average: $75,069

  1. The Database Administrator

Now that data is the ‘it’ thing, businesses need somebody who can make sure they completely utilize the data available. This is the job of a Database Administrator. They make sure that the database is accessible to all relevant users, performing properly, and is kept safe. How to prevent mishaps comes naturally to a Database Administrator. He/she makes sure the security is taken care of, all the backup and recovery systems are in place, and keeps track of the different technologies that are being used and how to support these.

Database Administrator Salary: Average: $67,672

The domain of big data is not constant. As technology develops and changes, so will the domain. It is vital for every fresher and seasoned professional in the field of data science to take the initiative to stay updated with any changes if they want to upgrade their career.

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