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How to Spoof your Android GPS in 3 Simple Steps

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Spoofing your device location can be a neat trick to toss up your sleeves. “Fake your Android GPS location”, is probably something a lot of people dismiss as something only developers might need. While it definitely is of great use, to those who test mobile apps, ROMs, and other location-based web services. 

Spoofing your GPS also offers many uses to an ordinary Android user, whether it is to stupefy your friends with your exotic holidays or simply avail services which are blocked at your location, This coveted trick is definitely something that comes in handy. By manipulating your location, you can exploit almost all kinds of apps. Even not too long ago, the Pokemon Go craze triggered much spoofing to catch ‘em all. Faking your GPS is a feature available to almost all Android devices by manufacturers. Oh, and you don’t even need a rooted device for this!

Teleport your device to a place of your choice with these three easy steps:

Step 1: Download a GPS spoofing app

Plenty is available in the Play Store. Some are:

Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free

Mock Locations (fake GPS path)

For the tutorial, we’ll use the first one.

Fake your Android GPS location

Download and install the app from play store and open the app you’ve installed. You will be asked to enable GPS, if not already done. Android uses both GPS and Wi-Fi for high accuracy location tracking, so turning off Wi-Fi would be a good option. Just navigate to Settings -> Location -> Mode and select Device Only to allow tracking only by GPS.

Fake your Android GPS location

Step 2: Allow Mock Locations

You need to enable Developer Options enabled on your devices, if not enabled already, then, Open Settings -> About Phone and tap on Build Number 7 times. This will enable Developer Options on your device. Go back to Settings and select Developer Options.

Fake your Android GPS location

Navigate down to Allow mock locations and select the check box.

Fake your Android GPS location

In Android 6+ You’ll be prompted to Select mock location app. Select your installed spoofing app and proceed.

Step 2: Set your location

Now open the app you installed. In the settings, select GPS only. Double tap on the map to select your mock location. You can move the pin around to adjust location. Hit the play button and you’re all set!

Fake your Android GPS location

Fake your Android GPS location


And that’s it. Probably took you just a few minutes to hone your apparition skills and now you can go ahead and explore naive apps. Happy holidaying, y’all!

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