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Hacker Steals Tesla Car By Offering A Free Burger
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With increased demand for ease of control, thanks to our smart life, self-driving cars are no longer a futuristic idea. Starting from GPS system to the basic mechanical controls like steering, accelerator, and brakes, vehicles are connected to networks more than ever. While this definitely is a huge advancement in automation, it is not without its pitfalls. And with the sales rising exponentially, this provides an Achilles heel for potential security breaches.

Tesla Motors found itself a victim to few such exploitations. The Tesla app enables owners to unlock the car, check battery status, GPS location, turn on climate control using the internet connection and also disables the minimum distance barrier between the user and the car. Turns out that this app can be compromised to gain unauthorized access to user information, and take over control of the car.

Two months back, researchers from Keen Lab demonstrated a Tesla Model S hack, allowing them to control a car in both Parking and Driving Mode from about 12 miles away. Tesla was quick to respond and fix this critical remote vulnerability hack. However, Promon researchers have taken a different approach. In a video, the hackers demonstrate how it is possible to just “drive away” with a Tesla.


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