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FBI Arrests Researcher Who Found a Kill-Switch to WannaCry Ransomware

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WannaCry turned into a massive instance of malware attack, crippling healthcare and government services in many countries as well as affecting the production and manufacturing industry. The attack amassed a total of around a $140,000, a meager amount compared to how widespread the attack had grown into.

The attack saw many security researchers try to stall its enormous rise. Hutchins’ “kill-switch” approach finally provided a solution.

The news of the arrest, confirmed by a friend who sought legal help, coincided with reports of a massive cash-out from the Bitcoin wallets where the WannaCry ransoms were deposited.

Amidst speculations,

Kronos malware was distributed via emails with malicious attachments containing compromised Microsoft word documents. It was used to hijack credentials such as banking passwords to let attackers steal money with ease.

More information regarding the arrest and Hutchins’ role in creating the Kronos malware is expected to be obtained soon.

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