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How To Export Android Call Log to Excel

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Exporting call logs to Excel can be handy when you want to switch to a new phone or format it, but intend to retain your call history. One can either opt for live logging of calls, or a one-time export option which we will discuss here.

For a single time export of call logs to Excel, we will use a free tool from Play Store called Call History Manager. This Android app allows exporting of incoming, outgoing and/or missed calls to Excel. The final Excel file lists the name of the contact, phone number, call time, call duration, and call type. Once exported, the app allows the option to share the file.

3 Easy Steps to Export Call Logs:

Step 1:

Download and install Call History Manager. You will be greeted with a call log screen quite similar to the stock Android interface, with tabs listing All Calls, Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls and Missed Calls.

Step 2:

Select the tab, the logs of which you want to export. In our example, we have chosen to export all contacts.

Step 3:

Click the icon to export call log to Excel. You will receive a dialog showing the location where the exported log is stored as an Excel file.

The exported Excel file will look somewhat like this:

And that’s it! You have successfully exported the present call log to an Excel file, which you can now directly share via mail, any IM app, Bluetooth and the like, from the dialog itself.

Apart from exporting Android call log to Excel, this app can perform various other tasks also. Various other features include:

  • Creating fake call logs
  • Editing contacts
  • Send messages to a contact directly from call history
  • Backup/Restore call log
  • Hide call logs
  • Show call statistics

The only annoyance is the persistent ad when connected to the internet in the free version. To remove ads, one must purchase the paid version for INR 60.

All in all, it is a handy tool for one-time exporting of call logs. There are obviously many such free and paid apps available on the Play Store, with possibly similar features. if you’re looking for best IPhone cases, check out this link here.  Let us know which tool you prefer using, in the comments below.

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