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Everything you should know about Google Assistant

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Google Pixel and Pixel XL have turned quite a few heads since it’s released. The primary reason behind this are the set of features that it provides. Experts believe that the recently released Android device is the best android based smartphone ever manufactured till date. One of the most popular features is the new AI based Google Assistant. The assistant is also a part of Google’s new messaging application Google Allo. The assistant is the upgraded version of Google Now and is expected to come to smartwatches and Google Home soon. Read further to learn “Everything you should know about Google Assistant

Google Assistant is now the most exact implementation of an AI with a fluent conversational feature. You can literally ask anything to the new Google Assistant and an answer will be provided to you in the most detailed format possible. You will also be able to ask follow-up questions based on previously inquired data and the answers are shown with respect to the knowledge and facts from the previous question that you had asked. 

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