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@Cryptolulz666 Hacked Hong Kong’s “The Standard Newspaper” & “Dutch Chamber of Commerce”

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A few days ago, we wrote an article about the hack of “IIT Kharagpur” and “IIT Bombay” which had been hacked by an INDIAN hacker Cryptolulz (@Cryptolulz666 on twitter). This hacker is the former member of a hacking group “Powerful Greek Army” which is famous for hacking various government websites. After his IIT hacks recently hacked the database of Hong Kong’s famous English newspaper “The Standard” ( After one day, the cryptolulz hacked Dutch chamber of Commerce ( It seems like, this hacker is on the hunt and he will target much more government websites in upcoming days.

The Standard Newspaper Hack

The Standard is famous English newspaper of Hong Kong which has around 2,31,000 daily readers. The INDIAN hacker @Cryptolulz666 hacked into the official website ( of this newspaper with the help of one of his teammate @EvoIsGod. The website is using a CMS (content management system) and the hacker exploited a SQL Injection vulnerability to compromise the database. The approximate number of hacked accounts is around 12000. As a proof, the hacker also posted some of the hacked accounts on Pastebin.

The hacker @Cryptolulz666 told that the hacked information is much confidential he will not post it on PasteBin because he cares about the privacy of people. He only leaked a small portion of hacked information which is not that much confidential.

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce Hack

Another website belongs to Hong Kong’s Dutch Chamber of Commerce ( has been hacked by the @Cryptolulz666. To compromise the database of this website, @Cryptolulz666 also took some help from the famous hacker @Kapustkiy, which is on the hunt from last month. He has hacked a number of government websites including 7 Indian Embassies. In the hacked database, there were around 200 accounts and he leaked half of it on the Pastebin as a proof. The hacker exploited the SQL injection vulnerability in the targeted website with the help of @Kapustkiy. The Kapustkiy hacker has hacked most of the websites by exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities.

Why The Hacker Choose Hong Kong?

During a talk with Pierluigi Paganini (CISO at Bit4ld), @Cryptolulz666 said that he want to make an impact on Hong Kong.

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