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RoT: Ransomware of Things

Major security breaches have hit headlines the past year, their severity ranging from infecting a few hundred to a few million users. We have seen much variety, like holding sensitive data hostage for ransom, DDoS attacks, and various exploitations of IoT devices. Sadly, this trend will continue to rise if security remains a secondary concern. ESET researchers predict the next step in the evolution of malware could be a cross between the known approaches. This new uprising, termed “Jackware”, is ransomware designed to…

Destructive KillDisk Malware Turns Into Ransomware

It has been found recently that a new variant of KillDisk malware contains the component of ransomware in it, which encrypts the files and data and use them for ransom rather than deleting them. As industrial control systems (ICS) is being aimed in this attack using KillDisk Malware, authorities are apprehensive about the malicious actor of bringing ransomware into all industrial domain. Read More: What is Ransomware How KillDisk functions? The old version of the KillDisk used to completely and securely wipe data from…