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AdultFriendFinder Hacked, 400 Million Accounts Exposed

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“AdultFriendFinder Hacked!”, however terrifying that might sound to millions of AFF subscribers, the news is true. The database was taken down in the month of October 2016 and millions of accounts were made public. Over the past few years, there has been a few instance wherein various top shot websites got hacked. The incidents, in turn, have exposed innumerable confidential details about the users and their PII (Personally Identifiable Information). The recent addition to the list is the world’s largest Sex and swinger website, Adult Friend Finder. According to the reports released by LeakedSource, more than 400 million user profiles hav exposed consisting of last 20 years of data. In all honesty, this massive data breach will probably have the worse impact on lives of the individuals than many other instances of their past life. But let us keep the jokes aside.

What type of data were exposed?

According to the reports, the database exposed includes confidential information like email addresses, the IP address used to log in to the site, passwords, etc. The other information that has been leaked online includes the name (which in all probability are fake), age and other contact information. Some experts believe that this is one of the largest breaches that the cyber world has even witnessed.

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