Modern technology gives us many things.

What is is a consumer technology website that helps people in understanding and using technology in a better way. We cover a wide range to topics like Linux, Security, InfoSec, Android, Programming and more.

Our Aim and Goals

Our primary and perhaps the only goal is to share knowledge with more and more people and build a technologically advanced nation and let people learn more about the IT world, new opportunities etc.

Many times you want to study/know about a tech topic you like and you might even find a great resource to learn it and observe it’s not free. Therefore, we are building an open knowledge sharing platform.

On Malc0de,

  1. Everything is free.
  2. Everybody is allowed to contribute and build a portfolio. We don’t deny anybody from a guest contribution. If your article needs improvement we will help you get it published.
  3. The more you contribute the more you gain. Contact Us to know more.
  4. Every new venture we start will also be free.

Learning isn’t a stagnant but continuous process and exploring something new every day is part of the self-growth mechanism. Hence, we are adding more technical topics every day with greater diversity. Building a resource base is a time-consuming process but together we will do it for sure and that’s our ultimate goal.

Why another Security/Tech Site?

Before I answer this tell me, Why does exists when there is, Why do we have Bitbucket when Github is already there? Just Why?

The answer is simple and you will be amazed to know it. The Answer Is: “One or a few more is not enough!” and hence we are here and like us many are yet to come. After 2 – 3 years Malc0de will be among the top blogs out there with a huge user base. So, let’s join hands today and make more Technological Ecosystem.

Who owns Malc0de?

Malc0de was Founded by Animesh Shaw on 14th November 2016. Articles on Malc0de are written by Animesh, other paid writers hired by him and guest contributions by awesome people like you.

If You Appreciate What We Do Here On Malc0de, You Should Consider Supporting us by Donation.

We are currently accepting Guest Contributions. If you’re interested in sharing an article with us then contact us from here.


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