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9 Reasons iPhone X is Worth the $1000 Price Tag

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When Apple came out with the iPhone X and the whopping $1000 price tag, it had plenty of people turning the other way. There is a reason for this price tag, however. There are a few changes to this new phone that make it worth that price tag and will have consumers happy to purchase the new phone.

9 Reason’s why iPhone X is Worth 1000$

1. Sleek New Design

That’s right. There are no more buttons on the iPhone X. This also means that there is no more fingerprint sensor to use. Another thing that is missing is those huge edges that were around the screen blocking your view. Now the screen comes all the way to the edge so you can see everything you need to see.

2. A Great Screen

The screen on the iPhone X is possibly one of the best that Apple has out there on its products. It has an OLED screen that is crystal clear with a brightness that is incomparable. It also has HDR for those great movies you want to watch and phenomenal graphics.

3. Using the Thumb

There is a slight adjustment since you will have to swipe your thumb upward in order to reach the home screen but it isn’t bad. It has a new interface that is great as well.

4. Face ID

The Face ID is a new mechanism that Apple incorporated to open your phone. It is a great addition that is fun and quick. It memorizes your features so that nobody else can unlock your phone. The Face ID mechanism is also a little faster than a fingerprint as well.

5. A New Era

Let’s be honest. The rest of the iPhone’s are just slight upgrades from the previous years. However, the new iPhone X is completely different and fresh. It will stand out and will be a great conversation starter as well. Be different and show it off.

6. Thicker Skin

The new iPhone X has glass that is stronger than others out on the market today. This is not just for the glass on the front of the screen but on the back of the phone as well. It’s sturdy and convenient.

7. New Portrait Techniques

The Portrait mode is a feature all in itself that is worth the new price tag. You can have the same blur effect that you have always used in the past but there are even better features with the portraits and dual rear cameras. There is the ability to add lighting effects to the portraits as well. You can even change the backgrounds with Enlight Photofox or other apps.

8. Fast Speed For the Gamer

That’s right. This is one thing that will attract many people. For all the gamers out there the new iPhone X is extremely fast for all gamers. The technology is also extremely upgraded. With better performance and faster speeds, you can’t go wrong with this phone.

9. Animoji for Everyone

With the extreme hype of emoji,’s the iPhone X took it one step further. Now introducing the Animojis. This isn’t just clicking a little smiley face anymore. The iPhone X takes a picture of your face and transforms it into anything you want. Create yourself into a cat or even a unicorn. Adults and kids alike will love this feature.

With the new phone comes a hefty price tag. The many added benefits that come with the phone make it worthwhile. Enjoy better photos, gaming and visual effects with this sleek new design from Apple.

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