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6 Key Benefits of Asp.NET for Enterprise Applications

Learn About the benefits of Asp.NET for Enterprise Applications

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Benefits of Asp.NET for Enterprise Applications

The web development companies are facing intense competition in the marketplace and are constantly seeking for innovative ways to tackle this problem. One of the strategies adopted by these web development companies is to develop custom solutions while focusing on cutting-edge technologies.

First, let us understand the two most critical factors that ought to be considered to successfully develop an enterprise application for your business. The nature of the business is the first of these factors. Second is the selection of the right technology platform. The question that arises here is “What is ASP.NET?”

What is ASP.NET?

Active Server Pages(ASP) is the perfect platform for creating the high-end applications. It was created by Microsoft for the creation of the feature-rich web applications. Moreover, it stands tall among the server side scripting technologies, where Windows web server is utilized for creating ASP.NET web applications. It is not just a scripting language but makes use of dot NET languages like VB, C#, and J#.

It poses as one of the best choices for ASP.NET Enterprise Application Development Projects, because of its ability to get integrated with the likes of Azure. It is Visual Studio that enables the developers to create the most compelling of the ASP.NET applications.

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Six Benefits of ASP.NET to build Enterprise Applications

Following are some of the points that consolidate ASP.NET Core MVC:

Flexible and Modular

ASP.NET Core is an open-source framework and allows the developers to write simple codes as well as the capability to maintain modularity in the various projects. Moreover, it is flexible enough to add framework components and libraries, essential for the deployment of applications. It is possible to add ASP.NET core framework libraries as well as .NET Core libraries, as per the project requirements.

Tag Helpers

This is a new feature incorporated in the ASP.NET core framework. It not only defines custom tags like <environment> but is capable of modifying the behavior of tags <label>. More importantly, it allows the server-side code to build and render HTML elements in the Razor files. It makes it possible to replace HTML helper methods with its ease of use.

Cross-platform Capability

Unlike the .NET framework, the ASP.NET core can run on multiple platforms. The developers can create single applications that run on multiple platforms. Moreover, the developers have the Visual Studio Code, a component for Visual Studio for the creation of applications in the Mac and Linux operating systems.

However, because the applications are cross-platform in nature, so the applications can run on web servers except for IIS (Internet Information Services).

Supportive of Cloud Deployment

The flexible environment and extended modularity are two of the reasons for which the ASP, NET core is used to create web applications – ready for the deployment of Cloud.

Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection(DI) in the previous version of ASP.NET MVC were using third-party IOC containers. But, in the present version of ASP.NET MVC Core, DI comes as a built-in option. It can be used as a support coding structure as it forms the core of ASP.NET Core MVC. Moreover, it supports the JSON based files and configuration providers.

Unit Testing

In the ASP.NET MVC Core, the Visual Studio Unit Test framework is replaced with XUnit, net, that enables to perform unit testing. Moreover, DI and interfaces present also make it suitable for unit testing.


We conclude to say that the community of developers with proficiency in ASP.NET MVC Core acts an advantage for the developers. The .NET framework also helps your enterprise to stay ahead of the competition by providing the best-in-class ASP.NET based applications.

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