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5 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Content That Inspires Readers

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Are you familiar with the famous phrase that ‘Content is King’? In reality, it is nothing less! Content has become a key component of any modern business or brand, and it is at the heart of every successful digital marketing campaigns. For your business to survive in this digital era, it must be backed by relevant and valuable content that connects with your audience. Your content can improve your brand reputation and build customer trust, but only if done the right way.

Modern content should improve your brand reputations and customer trust, therefore, it should focus on both SEO and the readers. However, writing two-edged content; both SEO and user-friendly is not a simple task and it requires proper planning as well as creativity. An online audience could be looking for the same information or product but their style and character varies to a great extent, which makes it even harder to create content that will rank higher on search engine results and at the same time accommodate all your audience.

Fortunately, you can rely on SERP report to discover what your audience want and optimize your content to rank at the top of search engine result page (SERP). The automated reports generated by the Serpbook rank tracker enables to see how your keywords rank for Google, Bing, and Yahoo and give you insights on what your target audience is looking for which is important to guide your content writing. Below are five tips which can help you in writing quality content for your audience.

5 Top Tips for Content Writing

  1. Keep your audience first – Although SEO is a very important aspect of your content, focusing too much on SEO may not yield the desired fruits. The main goal of your website is to attract and retain potential customers and convert the visits to sales. People come to your site for a reason; they are looking for information or want to buy a product. Focussing on your audience first means that you understand them and you know their needs. Try as much as possible to craft your content so as to directly answer the customers’ questions and to help the audience first before optimizing it for search.
  2. Remain relevant – You should never write for the sake of writing. It is important to provide relevant information that will attract your intended audience. At this point, you need to conduct thorough keyword research and creatively build your informative content around the keywords. Do not overuse the keywords.
  3. Format your Content – Use engaging and precise headlines to grab the attention of the reader and give them an idea of what your content is all about. Headlines with question form or ‘How to…’ ‘10 ways to…’ are good examples. You should also format your content to make it easy for the reader to skim through and extract valuable information. Some of the tricks here include;
    • Keep the content concise – Use short sentence and break your content into small blocks which are easy to read and digest.
    • Use relevant subtitles, bullets and numbers – content with numbered lists or bullet points is always interesting to read than a large block of sentences.
    • Make use of visual content – Use appropriate images or video clips that are well captioned only to expand your content but not for decoration. The visual content should communicate your message instantly and prove the audience to take actions.
    • Optimize the content length – Your content should be long enough to communicate your points yet short enough not to bore the reader. Always be concise and on point and use an interesting tone and style to encourage the reader to keep reading.
  4. Use relevant and helpful quality links – Internal links to your previous content keep web visitors on your site for longer to see what you have to offer. External links, on the other hand, shows you have done research on the topic and you want your reader to add more value from other experts. Also, links to external reputable website improve the validity of your website as well as create trust with your audience.
  5. Call to Action – Your efforts to rank high on SERPs and to get thousands of people to visit your site and read your content would be fruitless without calling the customers to action. To benefit from the high traffic and your quality content, it is important to add a create call to action phrase or button to prompt the visitors to engage further. Place the call to act strategically and on the relevant pages to guide your visitors on what to do. Though you may use more than one call to actions, do not overdo it.

The above tips are only guidelines for quality content writing but you should not limit yourself to the list. There are many other helpful ways to keep use your content to connect to the audience and still rank high for search. It is, however, important to be sure of every tactic and gauge its effects to your audience before you apply it on your content. Enjoy your professional content writing!

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