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5 Most Funny Java Videos on Youtube

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If you hang out with programmers enough, one of the first things you’ll notice is that they are attached to their first programming language very dearly. Simple questions on sites like Quora or Reddit like “what programming language should I learn” prompt long, thoughtful essays on why you should choose one over the other – that then immediately turn into long, thoughtful debates.

Java is one of the most popular languages and ranks 1st on the TIOBE index. Many people love Java including me. I like Java a lot since it has some emotions attached as well. Disregarding all of these today I have the 5 most funny Java videos from youtube. They are a must see.

#5 The Funny JavaRap

Do you like Rap music? If yes then you might like the video below as well.


#4 The Java Heist

An old man thinks f*cking Technology sucks. Well he had put his hopes too high on his plan of action but ended up loving Java and Technology, “This is f*cking Brilliant”

#3 Java v/s .NET, Java Forever and Ever Movie

Nothing more to say. Watch the video and laugh your arse off 😀

#2 Javapocalypse and The dawn of Javatar

The world thinks Java is “A Virus” since it is less secure. But when Java was shut down. The inevitable Apocalypse soon took place. Now the Javatar is world last Hope.

#1 Game of Codes

And we Saved the best for the last. It’s a Game of Thrones clone for Java. The following video is at the top of my list.

Hope you have like the videos. If you have any more videos please let us know int he comments below and we shall update it.

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