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5 Best Smart Home Devices that Curb Energy & Save Money

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We’ve all heard the pitch about smart home devices: they save you time, make life easier, and can save you some money in the long run. Companies like Google and Amazon have already taken up making devices that can handle different errands and appliances in your house, while other companies are focusing on making automated security, fire, and sprinkler systems.

But do these devices really save you money?

The short answer is yes, they can save you money. I’ve got plenty of smart devices in my home, and my utility bills — among other things — has been reduced by around 20 percent. That’s big savings, especially considering I use my smart devices every single day.

For those of you who are still on the fence about smart homes and smart devices, I’m going to run through a short list of devices that will save you money and make your home more efficient. Take a look at these and see if one of them could fit in your home right now.

1. Thermostats

Thermostats can cause most of the utility headaches in that if you’re not keeping track of the temperature, you may be using too many resources to cool or heat your home.

That’s what great about smart thermostats. These devices can auto-schedule your home’s climate, ensuring that it’s cool or warm when you need it the most, allows you to operate it from your smartphone, and can even be turned off when you’re away. Add to that the fact that it’s nearly universal with all 24V heating and air conditioning units and can be used with Amazon Echo and you’re on your way to saving serious money.

2. Light bulbs

Another way to save a lot of money is by using smart light bulbs. These come from different companies and with a variety of features, but most can be used with either Google Home or Alexa.

So how can they help you? Smart light bulbs can change color and some even have dimming settings, allowing you to save on power while providing the right mood for your home. By using the dimming feature on your smart light bulbs, you can save money on your electrical bill because dimmer bulbs use less energy.

To set up your bulbs, just place them in the device you want to use them in, connect them to your smart home device, and go. It really is that simple.

3. Security Systems

Okay, bear with me on this one, because a lot of people don’t realize that you can have a smart security system.

But I am here to tell you that yes you can. Several are simple to install; you just set up a few smart devices around your home and that’s it. Most of these systems also come with audio and video monitoring that can be viewed while you’re away; motion detectors are also popular. That said, not all of them report to police or emergency services, so be sure to compare.

So how does this save you money? Think about it like this: wiring your home for a traditional security system costs a lot of money, especially if you have it done. It’s time-consuming. It also doesn’t always work.

But smart devices are simple, less expensive, and can not only provide you security, it can alert the police if a break-in happens while you’re away while recording everything that happens, so when you file a claim with homeowner’s insurance, you’re covered. That’s money well spent.

4. Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are the newest contenders in the market: from refrigerators to coffee makers, ovens to washers and dryers, companies are quickly getting on board with automating simple chores.

I don’t have all these appliances in my home, but I’m looking forward to getting new kitchen and laundry appliances in the near future. These appliances will not only be able to cook and clean my clothes to perfection, but they’ll do so at automated times when utility prices are at their lowest. That saves me time and money because it means I can be doing something else while my smart home works for me. Now if I can just find an automated way to have the laundry folded and dishes put away. You can find many great appliances online, and save money on your purchase by using an Overstock coupon code.

5. Smoke Detectors

Last but certainly not least, especially if you have children, is the smart smoke detector. As a parent, smoke detectors matter to me; it means that I’ll be alerted and can get my kids to safety if a fire breaks out.

But the smoke detectors of the past can only do one thing, detect smoke and fire, and they use batteries. That’s not a great financial move.

So instead, I’ve gone with a smart smoke detector that monitors smoke, carbon dioxide, and the air quality in my home. It saves me money as well as headaches; with kids at home, burnt toast is a real thing, and I don’t need my smoke detector going off during breakfast.

These are just a couple of the smart home devices you can find on the market right now, and each one can save you money. You might not need all of them, but price compares and try at least one and see if it makes a difference for you. If it does, welcome to the circle of the smart home converts.

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